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Georg C.F. Steingrandt ca. 1867

George W.H. Steingrandt

G.W.H. Steingrandt with sisters (possibly Sophia Gamble and Louisa Steinberg)

Francis G. Steingrandt in his garden, Springfield, MO

William C. Steingrandt

Three generations: GWH, FG and WC Steingrandt

FG Steingrandt and grandson Rich Schahuber

GCF Steingrandt ca. 1867

Father & son: FG and WC Steingrandt at home

WC Steingrandt and wife Nell (Carnagey) Steingrandt

Gen. William Gamble (courtesy J.D. Petruzzi,

Mayme & Caroline Steingrandt, daughters of FG Steingrandt

Mary Ellen (Delahunt) Steingrandt (right), wife of FG Steingrandt

Mary Ellen (Delahunt) Steingrandt

WC Steingrandt working on the Frisco Railroad


Nachtrag zum Adressbuch der Königlichen Haupt- und Residenzstadt Hannover und der Stadt Linden, 1899 with name Hugo Linz

Marriage record for FJH Llinz & Dorothea ECM Steingrandt, St. Louis, MO 1838

1840 U.S. Census, GC Steingrandt & wife in St. John, Franklin, MO

1872 passenger list for ship Hansa, arriving in New York with GCF Steingrandt aboard

King's German Legion, 2nd light Battalion, 1812, with Private GCF Steingrandt (listed as Steingrand)

Newspaper article on GCF and Dorothea Steingrandt's 50th wedding anniversary, Alton, Madison, IL

Naturalization of GWH Steingrandt, St. Louis, MO

Zoom of 1899 Hannover address book. Translation by Prof. Bernhardt Blumenthal, Ph.D.: "Hugo K. Linz, Secretary for Construction, at the County Building Inspector's Office, 18.1r Friesen Street"

U.S. Land Office record for Hugo Linz, 1840

Passport application for Hugo Linz to return to Germany

Passport registry including physical description of Hugo Linz

U.K. Military General Service medal

Drawing of Ship Isabella, upon which the Steingrandt family immigrated to the U.S.

U.S. Military pension record for Sophie (Steingrandt) Gamble

Passenger list of the Ship Isabella, May 17, 1838, New York

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