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Georg Christian Friederich Steingrandt

George C.F. Steingrandt wearing his Napoleonic medals, ca. 1867
Born June 19, 1791, Hannover Linden, Kingdom of Hannover (Germany)
Married March 9, 1817, Hannover Stadt, Hannover, Germany to Dorothea Eleanore
Died Approx. 1872
Military Master Sergeant, 2nd Light Battallion, King's German Legion. Penninsular campaign (Napoleonic Wars), Waterloo (Napoleonic Wars)

Notes: Georg C.F. Steingrandt joined the Hannoverian King's German Legion in approximately 1811. He engaged in battle at Albuera (1811), Salamanca (1812), San Sebastian (1813), and Waterloo (1815). At Waterloo, the KGL 2nd Light Battalion defended the farm at La Haye Sainte until they ran out of ammunition. The Battalion had only a handful of uninjured soldiers by the end of the day. The Battalion received the Waterloo medal and monetary prize.

In 1837 Queen Victoria came to the throne of the British Empire. Hannoverian law dictated a woman could not rule the Kingdom, and Hannover passed into the hand sof Victoria's cousin, Ernst August. In early 1838, Georg Steingrandt, his wife Dorothea Eleanore and his 5 children embarked for the United States aboard the Ship Isabella. They arrived in New York on May 17.

The family settled in the Saint Louis area, where Georg and his wife ar elisted in the 1840 census as living in St. John, Franklin county, Missouri. This property was apparently a U.S. land grant. By 1850 the Steingrandts had dispersed around the St. Louis area, with one son in California.

Georg made several trips back and forth to Germany. He received several commemorative medals.

G.C.F. Steingrandt died in approximately 1872, but there is some question as to whether he was in Germany or the United States at that time. home page people profiles stories & legends names index genealogy research resources

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